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Thank you for all your support!

Please join me in voting for Michael Birdman. Michael has demonstrated his ability to lead as a corporate executive and community volunteer. He served on the Edina Heritage Preservation Commission while I served as a city councilmember. Michael impressed me as a strong leader, patient listener and consensus builder. As a member of the Edina School Board, Michael will bring his professionalism. He will facilitate open discussion, keeping everyone at the table, resulting in outcomes that address the issues and lead us forward. — Mary Brindle

Just put me on you list. I liked your performance at the LWVE Forum. — Hope Melton

Michael Birdman has what it takes to represent and advocate for my children on the School Board. He LISTENS to facts. He EVALUATES information presented in an unbiased and rational way. He TAKES ACTION based on what he has learned. Michael’s thoughtful, calm and measured approach is why I strongly support Michael Birdman for School Board. — Annie Schilling
Ryan Aberle
John Ashley
Patrick Bennett
Lindsay Beuning
Yanping Chang
Maria Dolor
Jeff Finzen
Michael Flynn
Eleni Glerum
Nicholas Grue
Tom Gump
Steve Hallaway
Shawn Hebert
Carolyn Jackson
Sarah Johnson
Beth Limpert
Steven London
Natalie Martin
Traci Mercado
Anne Mondragon
Ali Mulgrew
Katharine Nelson
Larry Olson
Tom Petersen
Rachel Pollock
Kate Reinbold
Federico Rossi
Mark Sannes
Kate Slater Finzen
Anna Stewart-Franzen
Malawi turquoise
Austin Weigel
April Wolf
Julian Wolf
Janie Shaw
Shari Aberle
Jack Bennett
David Best
Scott Beuning
David Christensen
Alison Eckhoff
Jessica Fitch
Ann Marie Forshay
Ruth Gough
Sengdara Grue
Gretchen Hadden
Brad Hartwig
Heather Heier Lane
Kristine Jessen
Marci Karch
Scott Limpert
Trisha London
Pat McGovern
Mark Mironer
Becky Montgomery
Mick Mulgrew
Steven Nicholas
Carissa Palm
John Peterson
Sarah Prebil
Jocelyn Rieder
Nassim Rossi
Eric Seed
Pete Smead
Elliott Stewart-Franzen
Shawn Wagoner
Dan Werry
Cathy Wolf
Franck Gougeon
Ken Andersen
Joni Bennett
Stacy Best
Kerri Cayo
Cathy Cozad
Derik Fettig
Megan Flynn
Sonia George
Julie Greene
Catherine Gump
Mike Hadden
John Hebert
Peter Hodne
Josh Johnson
Kathryn Koessel
Victoria Linton
Shannon Mackey-Bojack
Carrie McIntyre
Brian Mismash
Tony Montgomery
Eric Nelson
Ellen Oglesby
Missy Parent
Dan Pollock
Karen Prieto
Julie Rogers Bascom
Dean Sanberg
David Shaw
Kevin Staunton
Josie Tober
Shawna Wagoner
Monique Werry
John Wolf
Katina Gougeon

Committee to Elect Michael Birdman
5021 Vernon Ave S #239, Edina, MN 55436
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